The Importance of Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineers are essential to the protection of the environment as well as the health and safety of humankind. The following represents three ways environmental engineering works to serve humanity and protect the world.

Water Is Life

Water is essential to our existence, for drinking, for eating, for watering crops, for sustaining wildlife and for supporting the ecosystem. Environmental engineers help ensure that water supplies are clean from contaminants, protected from pollution and readily available for people and farms.

Creating Sanitation

In order to help keep people safe from disease, waste must be managed effectively. This requires environmental engineers to determine how to reduce waste, how to properly handle waste at treatment and gray water processing facilities and how to keep waste away from clean water sources.

Reduce Air Pollution

Environmental engineers play a key role in managing pollution and working to reduce the dangerous chemicals and gasses that are produced with industrialization and manufacturing. Limiting greenhouse gasses and reducing further damage from climate change is also an area of focus.

When you have clean water to drink, clean air to breathe and properly managed waste treatment facilities, you have environmental engineering to thank. To learn more about the importance of environmental engineering, contact us.

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