11 Reasons to Hire an Energy Consultant

Energy consultants have deep and esoteric knowledge of the energy industry

Costs are a growing concern in our inflationary economy, especially in the construction industry.

As building costs continue to rise, the demand for bigger homes does as well. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average size of a new single-family home is 2,561 sq. ft.

However, recent interest rate hikes have pressured builders to cut costs to reduce their final price tags. One massive opportunity for improvement to reduce the cost of construction and increase the value of a finished property is in the energy space.

Between new energy efficiency technologies and rebates available to builders, exploring new opportunities in the energy space can yield bountiful results. Therefore, we recommend hiring an energy consultant to improve your energy efficiency in the construction industry or if you are just looking to cut down on your utility bills.

We’ll discuss the role of an energy consultant, as well as eleven ways that an energy consultant can add value to your business.

What Is an Energy Consultant?

The primary role of an energy consultant is to help businesses reduce their operational costs by promoting greater energy efficiency. Cost reductions can be achieved through the advent of new technology, such as improved energy-efficient building materials, or even where companies source their energy through rebates and other savings opportunities.

Energy consultants work across numerous industries, including construction, finance, public administration, etc.

Companies can also work with energy consultants on procurement strategies to increase their corporate sustainability and responsibility scores for marketing and other internal purposes.

While some of the benefits of an energy consultant may be self-evident, you might not be fully aware of the range of services and savings that an energy consultant can provide to your business.

11 Reasons to Hire an Energy Consultant

1. Reduced Costs Through Energy Efficiency

Energy consultants have deep and esoteric knowledge of the energy industry, from what direction you should face your windows to how you can interpret your utility bills.

Your energy consultant will work with you through the construction phase of any project and advise you on all of the best practices, from energy-efficient LED bulbs to spray foam insulation that promotes the highest efficiency.

You can also hire an energy consultant to negotiate contracts with your utility providers to earn you the best rates and uncover strategies you can employ at your commercial property to reduce the electric and heat bills.

2. Reduced Final Pricing with Rebates

Tax incentives, credits, and rebates exist on the state, federal, and local levels for companies that employ energy-efficient technology, such as EnergyStar appliances and solar panels. An energy consultant will know about these incentives and help you achieve them through new energy-efficient additions to a new or existing property.

3. Improved Marketing

Environmental conservation is a major concern for consumers, and businesses that leverage green technology, such as solar, can use these improvements to better market their brands.

Likewise, builders and developers can increase the price tag of new builds by marketing the energy savings homeowners will achieve when buying an energy-efficient home.

4. Improve Your RESNET Energy Rating

Another way energy consultants can help you market your business is by achieving a low HERS rating using RESNET energy standards. RESNET is a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting greater energy efficiency in residential and commercial properties.

RESENT is recognized by the EPA, the US Department of Energy, and every major builder’s organization across the United States.

Its Home Energy Rating System (HERS) helps rate a home’s energy efficiency, with zero being the most efficient (i.e., zero emissions). An energy consultant can help you achieve a lower HERS rating to use in marketing materials, whether you are a builder, everyday homeowner, or commercial property owner.

5. Improved Corporate Sustainability

Another keen marketing opportunity businesses can take advantage of is increased corporate responsibility by sourcing their energy from renewable resources. Energy consultants can help navigate the exciting world of renewables or even show you carbon offsetting programs that help you achieve higher corporate sustainability scores and energy benchmarks.

6. Qualify for an Energy-Efficient Mortgage

We get it. Residents and builders want to cut costs in this inflationary economy, not tack money on.

However, energy efficiency mortgages allow residents and developers to finance new energy upgrades in their homes, such as active solar systems and new HVAC systems, using a federally backed loan.

These loans can easily be recouped once the home is sold or savings are achieved via lower utility bills.

7. Increased Energy Flexibility

Increasing volatility in the energy markets is a significant concern for builders and all businesses alike. However, energy consultants can help you navigate these times by finding the best supplier rates matching your budget.

8. Focus Resources Elsewhere

Another tangible benefit of outsourcing your energy procurement to a consultant is that you can focus internal resources elsewhere. This is especially helpful for builders with limited crews and resources.

9. Troubleshooting

Installing new HVAC units, refrigerators, freezers, and appliances requires a fair degree of troubleshooting. Luckily, most energy consultants are well-versed in preventative maintenance to ensure all new appliances are in tip-top shape before you close out a project.

10. Apply for Demand Response Programs

Many cities offer demand-response programs that allow businesses to save money by reducing their energy usage during an emergency. An energy consultant can help you sign up for a program and create a plan to maximize your savings when a demand-response event occurs.

11. Aggregation Opportunities

Finally, energy consultants can help set up energy aggregation opportunities for small groups of companies or residents who want to lower their utility bills. While a little complicated, energy aggregation enables groups of consumers to purchase their electricity through a single supplier while retaining the advantages of a high-volume purchase.

In turn, energy aggregation provides lower utility costs across the board and can be accessed by small clusters of companies, towns, and residential communities.

Energy consultants help you reduce operations costs while also promoting greater sustainability. If you’re interested in hiring an energy consultant, contact the experts at Path Light Pro. We work with clients nationwide and can help you uncover savings opportunities and make your next construction builds as energy efficient as possible.