The Benefit of an Energy Rating for Homebuilders

The Benefit of an Energy Rating for Homebuilders

When constructing a new building, it can be highly beneficial for the builders to work alongside an energy rater. This collaboration can help reveal what areas of the building can be improved upon so that the house is more energy efficient.

A Stamp of Approval

You and your team are busy ensuring every last detail of the house is perfect. No matter how experienced someone might be in this line of work, it is always possible for something to be overlooked. This is where a rater comes into play. You have someone coming out whose sole responsibility is checking to see how well-insulated the building is going to be upon completion. Once an energy rating has been established, it is a sign of a quality-built home.

Selling Point for a New Home

An energy-efficient home is going to fetch a larger price than one that is not. To measure this, the Home Energy Rater Index was established. This concept is based on a scale with numbers between zero and 100. The lower a house’s score is, the more energy efficient it is. Getting an energy rating and improving upon what is found can make a house more attractive to prospective buyers.

The rater you hire is going to have a strong commitment to quality, so you can trust his or her advice. Call Path Light Pro for information on energy consultation services for your project.

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