The Rheia HVAC System: What You Need to Know

Rheia Systems exceed most standard energy builder and inspection requirements

Programs like energy efficiency mortgages and energy benchmarking have created the need for builders to pursue new technology to meet their energy goals. 

Rheia’s patented air distribution system promises to revolutionize the HVAC space by offering substantial savings to builders, contractors, and homeowners.

Let’s explore how the Rheia duct system differs from standard HVAC assemblies and how it can help promote energy-efficient construction

What is the Rheia HVAC System? 

The Rheia duct system combines a proprietary “home run” system with multiple ducts of similar sizes and proportions designed to work around standard 2×4 construction framing. In turn, the Rheia HVAC system improves air distribution through the thermal envelope of your home’s frame to help improve airflow and efficiency and reduce installation times. 

The Rheia duct system also uses multiple diffusers in every room and a cloud-based app that allows balanced air distribution across the entire home in as little as half an hour and eliminates hot and cold spots. 

In addition, Rheia’s air distribution system includes leak-free ferrules fitted inside all ducts, a central manifold built to comply with standard static pressures, and snap-on fittings that help simplify installations without taping or mastics. 

Most importantly, all Rheia equipment is designed to work with existing technologies, including ductwork and air distribution systems, without requiring a change in equipment operation. 

However, to truly understand how the Rheia HVAC system works, we need to break it down into each component part:

  • Rheia duct systems consist of ducts, ferrules, snap-on fittings, and a central manifold. 
  • All Rheia products are built to work with existing ductwork or air distribution systems.
  • The proprietary “home run” system runs multiple ducts of similar sizes in every room to create a balanced airflow. 
  • Micro diffusers are installed in each room to eliminate cold and hot spots.
  • A cloud-based app calculates air distribution and static pressures to balance air across the home. 
  • Patent-pending ferrules create an air-tight seal within ducts that meet Energy Star duct leakage UL181C and UL2043 standards.
  • Snap-on fittings eliminate the need for tape or mastics. 
  • Smaller duct sizes allow the Rheia system to run more ducts across the entire home without retaining duct work to the attic. 
  • Factory dampers are installed at duct runs to control airflow. 
  • Rheia Systems exceed most standard energy builder and inspection requirements.

With these features in mind, the Rheia air distribution system offers several advantages for homeowners, HVAC professionals, and home builders. 

7 Benefits of the Rheia Duct System 

1. Improved Efficiency

All Rheia air distribution systems follow ACCA Standard 5 benchmark recommendations to provide optimal airflow and efficiency. According to Rheia’s website, installing a new Rheia system into a home could instantly reduce your home’s HERS index score by 3 points. 

In addition, routing ductwork throughout the home’s thermal envelope allows homeowners to avoid that 20% reduction in cooling capacity that comes with attic installations. 

Perhaps one of the biggest improvements of the Rheia system is in the ductwork itself. Not only do patented ferrules help avoid pressure leaks, but redesigned fittings can reduce duct length loss by 50%. 

Tack on a cloud-based app that can configure airflow to balance pressure and temperature in as little as 30 minutes, and the Rheia System can save homeowners significant money and make rooms more comfortable. 

Speaking of comfort, Rehia Systems enjoy a less than 2.5-degree temperature delta from room to room. 

2. Easier Installation

Another area where the Rheia duct system saves homeowners and builders money is through faster installations. All Rheia systems arrive on a single pallet that includes limited SKUs and modular parts that snap on for quick installations. 

All ductwork is made of a flexible and durable thermoplastic allowing builders to route ductwork easily around your home’s framing. 

In total, the Rheia System is estimated to save home builders an average 50% reduction in installation time and cost compared to standard attic installations and central air systems. 

3. Less Job Waste

Another area builders can greatly benefit from the Rheia duct system is through less job waste. The modular fittings and flexible ductwork reduce the need for cutting, drilling, and other invasive procedures that create waste at your construction site. 

Most importantly, all products are completely reusable, helping to reduce HVAC job waste by up to 75%

4. Durable Construction 

Durable thermoplastic ductwork and flexible ferrules reduce the amount of wear and tear on your HVAC system, helping homeowners avoid expensive repairs down the road. 

In addition, modular snap fittings eliminate the risk of leaks caused by tape and other home tools that tend to wear out quickly over time. 

Reduced leaks add up to greater savings over time. 

5. Works with Existing Technology

Thanks to Rheia’s intuitive central manifold, all Rheia systems are equipped to handle typical static pressures without changing equipment. Further, all Rheia parts fit and integrate with existing fittings and ducts, allowing you to swap out existing parts with your Rheia System easily. 

6. Tax Rebates Available 

Installing a new Rheia System can help builders qualify for the $2,000 45L Federal Tax Credit. This credit is awarded to builders who build a home with 50% less annualized heating and cooling consumption when compared to a similar dwelling unit.

Rheia Systems help homeowners achieve this goal by reaching a 10% reduction in heating and cooling consumption, thanks to improvements made in the thermal envelope space. While the Rehia System will not help you meet your goal initially, it will push you closer to that goal, along with other improvements. 

7. Higher Customer Satisfaction 

Finally, contractors and builders installing the new Rheia System into homes can enjoy greater customer satisfaction through fewer callbacks and significant energy savings. In turn, this helps builders and contractors generate better word-of-mouth advertising and online reviews for their businesses to earn them additional business moving forward. 

The focus on energy efficiency can be seen everywhere, from contracting to the construction industry. So the next time you hire an energy consultant or inspector, be sure to ask them about the Rheia duct system.